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We face professional and institutional investors only.

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Real Estate Counterparties


We target proprietary deal pipelines from institutional investors, financial institutions, and highly selected intermediaries. Sourcing and optimization of the capital structure and use of leverage from the best counterparties. Management resources with extensive experience and profitable track records.

Real Estate Counterparties


Remaining open to ideas and strategies that enhance the value of our investments is part of our active management. Our preference is for solid tenants with long term leases in sectors that offer stability and can withstand economic cycles. Tenants that are in technology or other resilient and growing sectors are our preference.


The markets and opportunities are evaluated constantly, always considering the risks involved. Understanding macro and micro trends in markets allows us to maintain sight of the challenges to define and undertake the best strategies by asset. Regular input and interchange with market participants is essential. Design of the risk model is for each individual investment, since each transaction is unique, so risk management considers those multiple aspects.


Projecting realistic returns is the result of extensive analyses and exceptional mastery of the assets and markets, in addition to a comprehensive pre-acquisition due diligence process. The dynamic challenges imposed over time to our strategies means that we continually consider them in order to maximize the returns. A key factor to our success in each transaction and meeting or exceeding projected returns expectations is keeping flexibility and an excellent overview of the risk considerations.

Institutional Quality Club Deals

RSCG typically leads our transactions to produce high quality exposures. We aim for excellence in professionality, confidentiality, execution and results.

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