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Proprietary deal sourcing

Every transaction is unique, there are no pre-conceived parameters. After many years of deal making in several continents, we are highly experienced at sourcing assets and defining how to specifically generate an interesting investment thesis. Each deal needs to be individually assessed, examining all its facets, to determine the optimal design in terms of entry, holding period, pricing, leverage, overall business plan, and exit.


Privately negotiated transactions

Sourcing transactions directly is our preference, since widely marketed deals tend to follow processes for assets that end up being an auction with price perfection. We look for disruptive situations and negotiate private deals, where there may be complexity that cannot be easily resolved – and priced accurately – outside of a directly negotiated purchase.



Risks and returns are partly driven by many external variables and also by our creativity and originality that we bring to each situation. Commercial real estate is one of the few asset classes where politics, social, economic, consumer, monetary and fiscal policies and many others aspects intersect and impact the investment. Understanding and projecting these interfering forces drive us to build a vision that directly impacts the risks and returns. Our team of professionals discuss our positions and viewpoints constantly to capitalize on the experience and knowledge.


Conservative and direct management

Our objective is to identify underpriced assets due to market dislocations, stakeholder issues, or other reasons that could generate the possibility of an investment or exit opportunity. Understanding the market and asset challenges can create unique situations that are not obvious to all market participants. Nonetheless, distressed cases do not necessarily generate exceptional investment opportunities. The best opportunities are not found offered in the market but have to be captured due to our extensive research and close knowledge of the markets and ownerships that face unique challenges. When we find these circumstances, we take direct control interests and utilize highly competitive and conservative leverage levels. Core and core plus in important cities are our preference.


Private and independent

Because we are a privately owned and independent company, we can remain free from conflicts of interest. We can take viewpoints that are contrarian or conservative and we set ourselves high standards. We insist on high quality assets and excellence in execution and management.


RSCG is a private, women majority owned, family office and principal investments firm that invests in club deals in commercial real estate assets in the U.S.A.

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